In this article I am going to list a few modern water features for you to consider if you are thinking about enhancing your front yard or backyard to give it more colors to your environment and atmosphere perfect for your Sydney properties or commercial projects.


We all know that when it comes to planning the perfect got it design will require expertise in this area that would cost you and arm and a leg but if you’re seeking for simple a quick solution to quickly add style life and increase your property value in the Sydney homes, we recommend installing an easy modern water features are all accessories too keep those costs down.


A list of modern water features below a very cost effective and looks stunning anywhere in your home or commercial landscapes. We also have other garden accessories to assist you in create the perfect garden for your Sydney properties; wall fountains, glass wall fountains Sydney and statues and lots more.

Sydney Garden Water Features


Grab yourself an amazing fountain or water feature, perfect for a patio or balcony! Greatest range and best prices guaranteed!



  • Height – 30cm
  • Width – 61cm
  • Depth – 61cm

SASHA - garden features sydney

SASHA – $49900

H: 117cm

ECLIPSE FOUNTAIN (ORIGINAL) – MEDIUM - Water fountains sydney


The Eclipse feature range are our tallest and grandest centrepiece fountains. Featuring elegant multi arm designs, the water flow is complete with audible streams from arm to arm, followed by a centrepiece bowl to finish off the design. Available in multiple sizes, designs and colours, grab yours today!


  • Height – 115cm
  • Width – 90cm
  • Length – 70cm
  • Base Height – 25cm
  • Pump – 1100L

Get your modern garden water features deliver to your door in Sydney, or visit our showroom in Epping, and pickup one or two water features for your Mill park property.